Isn’t it funny how just THINKING about deciding to maybe start trying to figure out what to do to lose weight/fat immediately makes you feel HUNGRY all day!?

I am still formulating my personal weight loss and fitness plan based on Become Your Own Personal Weight Loss Coach, so I haven’t really formally risen to the challenge of losing about 22 pounds and getting into much better shape. But, I have noticed that I am thinking about food and feeling hungry a lot more than usual.

I did do a few things right in the past 24 hours. I walked over two miles yesterday evening just before dark. Today I drank at least eight glasses of water — I lost count after about five — and I left most of the potatoes that were hiding beneath the eggs, cheese, mushrooms and peppers in my Texas Skillet at “The Egg & I” uneaten. 

Small things add up. Actually, I think that may be one of the important aspects of my personal plan once I finish writing it down sometime tomorrow. Every person is different and should have their own personal weight loss plan, but for me I think taking it slow and steady will be much more effective than trying to get in a hurry.


This morning I weighed in at 157 pounds. I am using information from Become Your Own Personal Weight Loss Coach to formulate my own strategy for losing weight and getting myself back into shape. Over the course of thirty years of mostly sedentary jobs since college, I have gained about 22 pounds and have gotten seriously out of shape. So, over the course of the next year or two, I intend to lose most of those extra 22 pounds and work myself back into sufficient shape to run a mile in under eight minutes (right now I can easily walk several miles, but I can’t run more than a few dozen yards without risking serious injury).

Here is why anybody should care what I am doing and whether I weigh ninety pounds or 900 pounds: The price of  Become Your Own Personal Weight Loss Coach will fluctuate based on the results I get from my personal fitness program. The regular price of the program is set at $37, but I have made a deal with the editors to lower the price temporarily to $26, which represents one dollar for every two pounds I have gained since college. As I lose weight (I will do an official weigh-in every Monday morning), the price will go back up one dollar for every two pounds I lose. And, conversely, the price will go down a dollar for every two pounds I gain (ain’t gonna happen, so don’t wait around hoping the price falls!).

So, visit here often and check in on my progress. And, if you have a little or a lot of weight you want to lose, buy the book and get started with me. We can share stories . . .