This morning I “ran” about half of my 2.4 mile route. I did this by alternately jogging and walking every 100 steps until I reached the top of the hill I usually walk on. By increasing the intensity of my exercise (increasing slowly, that is, to avoid soreness and injury) I will be burning more calories per minute than by simply walking. Plus, if I ever have to flee from a bear in the woods, by being in good shape for running I might get an extra half step down the trail before I become his lunch.


As a visitor to my blog, you are the first to be let in on a secret: We are going to lower the price of our “Become Your Own Personal Weight Loss Coach” program again. Since I have been following my fitness program based on BYOPWLC, I have lost three pounds, and it is clear that I will be successful in reaching my personal weight and fitness goals. We originally priced the program at a discount to its “official” price, with the understanding that the price would rise as my weight loss progresses, since I will be proving that the program is working for me.

At the rate I am losing weight, the program will be back at its “official” price in less than eight months, but making more money per sale is not really what my editors and I are interested in. We want the “Become Your Own Person Weight Loss Coach” program to be available to EVERYONE who wants to take charge of their own physical well-being, and we don’t want cost to be a factor that prevents anyone from joining. So, until the current Great Recession has clearly ended, we are going to be offering the program at a rock bottom price of $17.00. We would let people join for NOTHING, but that would be a disservice — by having a financial stake in the program, your chances of success are greatly magnified. If you could join for free, you would be more likely to do nothing with the information since you would have no investment in it. So, join this afternoon after we get the price reduced and begin losing weight today!

Week 4 Weigh-In

July 27, 2009

My official Week 4 weigh-in shows that I gained a half pound in the past seven days, BUT I lost a total of three pounds for the first month I have been acting as my own weight loss coach. That may not seem like very rapid weight loss, but consider the fact that my maximum loss goal is 22 pounds, which means at my first month rate of weight loss, I will reach my goal in less than 8 months.

This morning I went out for a walk before sunup again. This time I added “running” into my exercise routine. At this point, for me, “running” means jogging slowly a very short distance. Part of my overall weight and fitness goal is to be able to run a mile in less than eight minutes, so I have started inching my way towards that objective. Adding running to my walking will increase how many calories I burn in my workouts, so my weight loss should get a little faster over the next few weeks.

If you don’t believe that exercise matters in a weight loss or overall fitness program, all you have to do is observe someone who is training for a big endurance event, such as a half marathon, marathon, or triathlon.

My 24 year old daughter ran a half marathon a couple of months ago. During her months of training, she averaged running four or five miles per day, and she did not gain an ounce of weight even though she could eat everything in sight in as much volume as she liked! So, yes, exercise matters.

This doesn’t mean you have to train for a triathlon to lose weight. It means that a rigorous exercise program that fits your personal needs will be a huge help in your quest to lose weight.

Happy exercising — and Happy Eating!

Third Week Weigh-In

July 20, 2009

Week three official Monday morning weigh-in: 153.5 pounds. So, I lost another half pound this week and am only a half pound away from raising the price of the Become Your Own Personal Weight Loss Coach program by another dollar. Join now, because I am confident the price will go up next week!

I went out for another pre-sunrise walk this morning. On my 2.4 mile route, I heard, then saw, a trio of Canada geese flying over on their way to the lake. As the sun rises over the eastern plains, its light bathes the eastern slopes of the hills and mountaintops, starting at the peaks and crawling lower. In the low light of morning, you can see details in the hills you miss when the sun is higher and not casting as many shadows — ripples in the ridges, deep coves and drainages that are usually not easy to see. The great mass of humanity misses a lot by sleeping past dawn.

A Slice of Pecan Pie

July 19, 2009

We had a mini-reunion with my wife’s college room-mate and her family yesterday afternoon. We all shared stories while we ate smoked chicken, yak burgers, corn on the cob, baked beans, and pecan pie. A really nice thing about the Be Your Own Personal Weight Loss Coach program is that there are no “forbidden foods” — telling yourself you will never eat a slice of pecan pie again as long as you live almost guarantees that you will fail. So, eat the pie. In moderation. And stick to your overall new healthier lifestyle.

I have now lost three pounds using the personal program I built around the Become Your Own Personal Weight Loss Coach! program. My starting weight two weeks ago was 157 pounds, and this morning my weight was 154 pounds. I need to lose one more pound before the price of the program goes up another dollar, so join while it’s cheap!

Some people may think that losing three pounds in two weeks is not very impressive, but I have to beg to differ. By losing weight slowly as I increase my physical fitness I will stand a much better chance of keeping the weight off permanently than if I jumped headlong into some kind of unhealthy fad crash diet scheme.

Patience is important in any weight loss effort. A pound a week may feel insufferably slow, but consider that losing a pound a week would result in over fifty pounds lost in just one year. Of course, my personal goal is to lose only 15 to (maybe) 22 pounds, so at my current weight of loss, I will reach my goal in less than six months.

So, join me and starting losing that beer gut, middle-age spread, post-pregnancy weight gain, extra fat on your butt, or whatever it is that you would like to see a change in when you look in the mirror!

I just read a news report about research on Rhesus monkeys fed a diet with balanced nutrition, but 30% fewer calories than monkeys in the control group fed a “normal” diet. The monkeys in the reduced calorie experimental group lived significantly longer and healthier lives than the monkeys in the control group. Of course, the researchers were careful to point out that the same results cannot necessarily be assumed for humans living on a restricted calorie diet, but it is an interesting area for further research. Of course, one question would be whether the quality of life for a person eating 30% fewer calories than her peers would be high enough to make the effort worth it in exchange for more years and overall better health.

I had my one week official weigh-in this morning: 155 pounds, which is two pounds down from my starting weight of 157 pounds. So, as soon as our website manager gets to it, the price of the Become Your Own Personal Weight Loss Coach program will go up one dollar to $27. So, get it now before we get the price changed on our website!

Notice that today I called what I am doing my “getting fit journey” rather than something narrow and unproductive like “my battle against middle-age spread.” After all, it is far more important to be fit and healthy than to achieve some arbitrary weight loss goal. If you incorporate a fitness mentality into your everyday lifestyle, you will find that a magical result is that (not overnight) your body will gravitate to its ideal weight without you having to fret about it constantly.

So, I have studied Become Your Own Personal Weight Loss Coach and have to say that it is an excellent program for achieving fitness and weight loss goals. After a rather slow start the first couple of days this week, I finally wrote down my personal plan — I’m not going into minute details here discussing my plan, because every individual needs to formulate their own unique program — and have been enjoying the process immensely. Deciding you are going to do something and actually following through with it is very rewarding.

I walked two and a half miles this morning before 6 a.m. I’m enjoying the luxury of early daylight this time of year in the northern hemisphere. As the sunrise lags later and later each day, I will change my exercise schedule to something else, but right now it is refreshing to go out before sunup while the air is cool and very few people are up and about — and those who are have some purpose for being awake. I sidled past a mule deer munching grass beside the road and walked up the ridge far enough to be able to see the face of Mount Evans in shadow beneath a layer of gray clouds. There are still a few patches of snow up there — good to know our water supply is secure for another year.