Still Coasting

November 3, 2009

I’ve had a lot of distractions and opportunities to overeat lately, but my weight has been holding steady in a┬árange of a couple of pounds. I am still on track to reach my goals in less than a year, but I also understand that it is not a linear path. I will hold my own through the holiday season and then get back to┬ásteady weight loss behavior.


Short answer: Sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup are really, really bad for you.

If you want good supporting evidence, watch this YouTube video titled “Sugar: the Bitter Truth”

The video runs an hour and a half, which is why I gave you the short answer, but it is very well worth watching.

Slipped a Little

August 31, 2009

I gained about a pound in the past two weeks, which is not as bad as I feared, given our road trip last weekend and the fact that my exercise hasn’t been as regular as it should be lately — the sun coming up later every morning is interfering with my early walks/runs. I enjoy walking in the dark, except for the morons in their steel beasts heading to work who might not see me on the side of the road. So, I will start exercising later in the day and make sure I stick to a regular schedule, along with continuing to trim my calories here and there.

Missed My Weekly Weigh-In

August 26, 2009

My wife and I were on a three day road trip Sunday through Tuesday, so I missed my Monday morning weigh-in. I’m going to wait until next Monday, because I know my weight will appear high right now. Driving long hours in a car does all kinds of bad things to your weight loss program — short term water retention is probably the most aggravating, but it dissipates quickly after you are no longer sitting still 24 hours a day — both in terms of lack of exercise and poor nutrition. When I am driving, I tend to engage in constant calorie consumption in order to keep myself awake. There is nothing as effective for me as a cold Dr. Pepper and caramel popcorn for keeping myself alert. Then there is the difficulty in finding high quality food to eat at restaurants. We try to avoid the fast food joints at the interstate exits, but drive a little farther into each town looking for the unique family owned cafes that are still hanging on. In places like that, you can find real food for a good price and leave not feeling bloated from too many french fries.

If you happen to be in North Platte, Nebraska around meal time, take the exit off I-80 at the west end of town and drive north past all the ticky-tacky chain restaurants until you see an obscure little glass-fronted building on your left called “Come and Get It Bar-B-Q.” Excellent meal at an excellent price.

So, I will weigh in next Monday and see if I suffered a setback in my personal weight loss program.

My official weight this morning was 150.5 pounds, which is six and a half pounds lower than my starting weight of 157. Losing slightly less than a pound a week may not seem very fast, but I am confident that slow, steady weight loss is the healthiest kind and also the easiest kind to maintain and not gain back like a boomerang. By using the guidance in the Become Your Own Personal Weight Loss Coach program, I think almost anyone can achieve similar results.

I weighed in at 152 pounds yesterday morning, six weeks after I became my own weight loss and fitness coach using the guidance of the Become Your Own Personal Weight Loss Coach program. So, I have lost five pounds in six weeks. If I maintain this rate of progress, I will reach my maximum weight loss goal after only six months. Exercise has been a key part of my personal program, and I can feel a dramatic difference in my fitness level. This morning I ran (slowly) over a half mile in the midst of my pre-sunup walk. It feels good to stretch my normal limits. I have to admit I have become a lazy slug over the past couple of decades, but I am steadily getting back into healthy shape.

Walked Five Miles

August 9, 2009

I walked about five miles this morning, climbing into the Flatirons, which are remnants of the Ancestral Rockies, estimated to be 250 million years old. Great views, good walk, excellent way to burn excess calories!

Tomorrow is my six week weigh-in. We will see if I lost any weight during the past week, during which I was distracted by a lot of things and not really paying attention to my program.

This morning I drove my car to Goodyear to have some service work done on it (147,000 miles and counting — good maintenance is a good investment). Instead of having my wife drive out in her car to pick me up, I walked and jogged home. In doing so, I burned a couple of hundred calories and saved about a quart of gasoline. Some people would say that my “time” is worth more than what I saved in resources and gained in better fitness by not getting a ride home, but part of our problem as a society is that we have come to value “time” in ways that will eventually lead to our extinction.

At my official 5 week weigh-in this morning, I had lost a total of four pounds since I started acting as my own weight loss coach using the weight loss strategies that I planned for myself using the information in the Become Your Own Personal Weight Loss Coach program. Four pounds lost in five weeks means that I will easily reach my goal of losing 22 pounds in less than seven months. In the program I have set up for myself, I am working steadily towards my goals and am not feeling deprived or hungry 35 hours per day.

As a visitor to my blog, you are the first to be let in on a secret: We are going to lower the price of our “Become Your Own Personal Weight Loss Coach” program again. Since I have been following my fitness program based on BYOPWLC, I have lost three pounds, and it is clear that I will be successful in reaching my personal weight and fitness goals. We originally priced the program at a discount to its “official” price, with the understanding that the price would rise as my weight loss progresses, since I will be proving that the program is working for me.

At the rate I am losing weight, the program will be back at its “official” price in less than eight months, but making more money per sale is not really what my editors and I are interested in. We want the “Become Your Own Person Weight Loss Coach” program to be available to EVERYONE who wants to take charge of their own physical well-being, and we don’t want cost to be a factor that prevents anyone from joining. So, until the current Great Recession has clearly ended, we are going to be offering the program at a rock bottom price of $17.00. We would let people join for NOTHING, but that would be a disservice — by having a financial stake in the program, your chances of success are greatly magnified. If you could join for free, you would be more likely to do nothing with the information since you would have no investment in it. So, join this afternoon after we get the price reduced and begin losing weight today!

Week 4 Weigh-In

July 27, 2009

My official Week 4 weigh-in shows that I gained a half pound in the past seven days, BUT I lost a total of three pounds for the first month I have been acting as my own weight loss coach. That may not seem like very rapid weight loss, but consider the fact that my maximum loss goal is 22 pounds, which means at my first month rate of weight loss, I will reach my goal in less than 8 months.

This morning I went out for a walk before sunup again. This time I added “running” into my exercise routine. At this point, for me, “running” means jogging slowly a very short distance. Part of my overall weight and fitness goal is to be able to run a mile in less than eight minutes, so I have started inching my way towards that objective. Adding running to my walking will increase how many calories I burn in my workouts, so my weight loss should get a little faster over the next few weeks.