Missed My Weekly Weigh-In

August 26, 2009

My wife and I were on a three day road trip Sunday through Tuesday, so I missed my Monday morning weigh-in. I’m going to wait until next Monday, because I know my weight will appear high right now. Driving long hours in a car does all kinds of bad things to your weight loss program — short term water retention is probably the most aggravating, but it dissipates quickly after you are no longer sitting still 24 hours a day — both in terms of lack of exercise and poor nutrition. When I am driving, I tend to engage in constant calorie consumption in order to keep myself awake. There is nothing as effective for me as a cold Dr. Pepper and caramel popcorn for keeping myself alert. Then there is the difficulty in finding high quality food to eat at restaurants. We try to avoid the fast food joints at the interstate exits, but drive a little farther into each town looking for the unique family owned cafes that are still hanging on. In places like that, you can find real food for a good price and leave not feeling bloated from too many french fries.

If you happen to be in North Platte, Nebraska around meal time, take the exit off I-80 at the west end of town and drive north past all the ticky-tacky chain restaurants until you see an obscure little glass-fronted building on your left called “Come and Get It Bar-B-Q.” Excellent meal at an excellent price.

So, I will weigh in next Monday and see if I suffered a setback in my personal weight loss program.